Hot Oil Massage

What is Hot Oil Massage?

Hot oil massage is an excellent way to promote relaxation and soothe muscle fatigue while opening the pores and softening the skin. This is the best and natural massage techniques which helps to reduce tension and swelling in the muscles and help to tone and condition them. Hot oil massage also improves the condition of the hair and the skin and prevents premature aging. It has also therapeutic benefits such as improve sleep, controlling arthritis, muscle atrophy for itchy skin and so on.

Benefits of Hot Oil Massage:

Hot oil massages can produce a number of benefits from head to toe. Starting with the scalp, it helps to improve circulation in both the head and neck. It relaxes the scalp and brings oxygenated blood to the roots of the hair thereby strengthening it. Massage encourages new hair growth, retards and slows the arrival of grey hair, reduces, dry flaky scalp and improves alertness and concentration. Hot oil treatments also bring lasting relief to tense, tired and painful muscles, relieve backaches, rheumatic and arthritic pains, with all types of headaches.

Why choose us?

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