What is Spa?

Spa treatment is the advance beauty that not only provides the adequate amount of relaxation but provides a holistic experience to promote a healthy living. Spa treatment is also make one feel good and revitalizes the soul. These therapies help balance the mind and the body giving a spiritual and harmonious respite. Spa treatments are mostly natural and are an exquisite blend of herbs, oils and massage strokes performed by specialists. The spa location is also one of the most important factors for restoring harmony in biochemical present in the body and helps you experience a stress-free life. This is done by stimulating the pressure points in the body and increasing the blood circulation in a very natural setting. There are different kinds of spa treatments offered by beauty chains to cure dehydrated and dry skin apart from body relaxation. Spa massages also tend to loosen the cramped muscles and veins and improves blood circulation. Spa beauty treatments are the best natural cures available to fight a hectic lifestyle.

Different type of spa treatment:

  • Balinese Spa treatment.
  • Mandi Luhur.
  • Floral Baths.
  • Herbal wrap.
  • Coffee wrap.
  • Chocolate wrap.
  • Hot stone Therapy.
  • Mud baths.
  • Crรจme Hair Spa.
  • Nail Treatments.
  • Facial treatments.
  • Thai Massage.
  • Mandi susu.
  • Deep tissue massages

Why choose us?

Kairos Spa is the privately owned and operated spa center which is specialized in different spa therapy and offers an advance beauty and health solution to its clients. With years of experience this is one of the famous sap centers which is pioneer in this service and offers customized service to its clients according their beauty needs. Led by a group of trained professionals this massage center help you in detoxifying the body and making the joints of the body flexible than before. All the beauticians and therapist of this center are highly experience and understand Indian skin tone and provide the hassle free service in professional way. With extensive knowledge and vast experience they also suggest variety of oils and crรจmes which is best for your skin.

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